Do you want to buy filled multi-flavoured dagrées? choose confettimatti!
Every ceremony or event needs its specific dagrée. how to choose the right one?
Filled dagrées belong to an Italian tradition, relatively recent. Classic dagrées are known worldwide and are made of almonds and sugar. By improving production techniques, the wide range of dag...
Do you want to buy filled multi-flavoured dagrées? choose confettimatti!
Every ceremony or event needs its specific dagrée. how to choose the right one?
Filled dagrées belong to an Italian tradition, relatively recent. Classic dagrées are known worldwide and are made of almonds and sugar. By improving production techniques, the wide range of dagrées is even richer so that there are dagrées of every colour and taste. 
We are strictly convinced that the smooth filling is essential to give them an unmistakable taste satisfing every palate.
There are some filled dagrées that are suitable not only for every event, but also for every kind of guest. the youngest love chocolate ( dark, milk, white-chocolate) as well as fruit (coconut, strawberry, passion fruit, apple or blueberry are an example).
Generally adults prefer a stronger taste: cappuccino or coffee; cinnamon or mint; limoncello or rhum.
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Our dagrées are a tipically Italian, high-quality and multicertified delicacy. Our producers are: PAPA DOLCEAMARO, WILLIAM DI CARLO, PERLINO
PAPA DOLCEAMARO is from Isernia and has been producing since 1975. The company chooses the best raw materials and promote sustainability of productive processes and energy efficiency. Their products are gluten-free (approved by Italian Celiac Disease Association), kosher-certified (approved by Italian Jewish Community) and organic.certified.
WILLIAM DI CARLO has been producing since 1833. Suppliers are the secret of their products: prestigious almonds from Avola and D.O.P. Roman hazelnuts. their dagrées are gluten-free (approved by Italian Celiac Disease Association). 50% of their production is exported worldwide.
PELINO was born in 1873 in Sulmona. The company is known worldwide and represent an Italian excellence. the brand continues investing on new technologies keeping an eye on envirnomental effects. their products are vegan, starch- and gluten-free, organic-certified


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  • Cioccomandorla various...

    ConfettiMatti sells a rich assortment of sugared almonds of various flavours.

    Sicilian almond confetti:

    The heart of the candy is traditionally the almond, which was born in the town of Avola in Sicily. It is here that the strongest and most characteristic elements of the Mediterranean give this almond, the most famous in the world, that particular taste that makes it unique just like our sugared almonds.

    Fruit confetti:

    These sugared almonds are distinguished by their varied flavours, aromas and colours. Among the most popular fruity tastes: watermelon, orange, banana, coconut, strawberry, berries, lemon, apple, melon, pear, peach, pistachio, currant, red grapes.

    Creme Confetti:

    We sell sugared almonds of various flavours with creams. Some flavors just to name a few: coffee, zabaglione, vanilla, fiordilatte, ricotta and pear, stracciatella, tiramisu, fragrances: cinnamon, anise or mint; those with liqueurs: Grand Marnier, limoncello or rum.

    Pralines Coffee and Chocolate:

    For lovers of coffee with an intense aroma, the taste of espresso is not complete if you do not taste some coffee beans covered with dark chocolate. These pralines are very suitable to end a business meal, a dinner with friends or a classic ceremony.

    Other Specialities:

    You can also find many other delicacies from milk chocolate pralines, white or dark, to candied pralines filled with cereal, berries or ginger, from liquorice, toffee, black cherry to peanuts, pistachios and cinnamon candied.

    You can also find orange and candied lemon fillets covered with a soft layer of chocolate, white, milk or dark, suitable for parties and as a business card in your social occasions.

    Pistacchio Confetti:

    With the tasty pistachio tenderly candied green, it will seem to be coming back children. These soft and tasty pistachios are ideal for your children's birthday parties, or for school ceremonies.

    It is possible to buy candies of various tastes from Puglia and from all over Italy, thanks to ConfettiMatti. Each ceremony requires its own specific sugarcoated almond and we will be happy to provide any information you need before buying.

    Contact us now to buy sugared almonds of various tastes from Puglia and from all over Italy.

    In this category you will find Ciccomandorla and Ciocconocciola. They are almonds or toasted hazelnuts covered with milk chocolate or white or dark flavoured in various flavors.

  • Classic almond Confetti

    Sulmona Confetti: ConfettiMatti

    ConfettiMatti deals with the sale of the famous sugared almonds of Sulmona. Sulmona is known worldwide as "The City of Confetti". It was our emigrants, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia, who in the last century made known the goodness and taste of this sweet handmade product. Sulmona's sugared almonds were already produced in the Middle Ages, however we do not speak of "confetto", but of "jam", a term that indicated almonds and walnuts shelled and covered with honey. It was only in the 17th century that candy took on the shape and ingredients it is known today.

    Sulmona sugared almonds for every taste

    What makes the Sulmona candy truly unique is the exclusive processing patent that allows the sugar to bind to the almond or other ingredients without adding any kind of starch and flour and the beautiful craftsmanship. This is the recipe with which ConfettiMatti has earned the recognition of leader in the national panorama of the sale of confetti.

    How to buy Sulmona Confetti

    We are not only talking about the variety of tastes, but also about the colours, which are traditionally linked to the ceremonies in which they are offered. In fact, there is a real "vademecum" of sugared almonds. So let's find out how to choose correctly the sugared almonds of Sulmona for every occasion: first of all the sugared almonds must always be offered in odd numbers and delivered personally to the guests of the event. It is a good idea to give the wedding favors for each family, consisting of a bag with five sugared almonds and an object as a sweet memory. The main ceremonies are birth, baptism, communion, confirmation, 18 years, graduation, wedding and anniversaries. The enormous variety of tastes now achieved has made it possible for the sugared almonds to be offered in events such as birthdays, retirement and important dinners, becoming a real trendy gift. Our team, experienced and qualified, for several years selects new products and high quality, allowing you to have a wide choice of products and ensure the best success of the event you are organizing.

    Contact us now to buy the best Sulmona Confetti!

  • Chocolate Confetti

    The tradition of high confectionery meets the full-bodied taste of chocolate...Classic white, milk or dark chocolate confectionery 60%

  • Sugared specialties

    ConfettiMatti is specialized in the sale of Confetti Kosher in Lazio and throughout the Italian peninsula, with official certification.

    ConfettiMatti guarantees to customers belonging to the Jewish community the safe purchase of confetti with Kosher Certification. 

    On the packages of Kosher certified sugared almonds is applied the identification mark, as an effective vehicle of classification, in order to facilitate the sale of favors and sugared almonds in all countries that already consume them, such as Italy.

    Kosher sweets from Lazio all over Italy

    We offer Kosher confetti for birth and baptism, for communion and confirmation, for graduation, for marriage and anniversaries. The choice of sugared almonds on the occasion of the birth of a child is easy, pink or blue depending on the sex of the unborn child. Those for baptism are a memory to be given to those you invited to the ceremony, but also to all those who have made a gift to the baby. Even on the occasion of a baptism you can propose a candy flan with tasting of sugared almonds. For a wedding, however, the candy has an absolute importance so the choice of type, color and taste can really make a difference. In our catalogue you will find a wide range of types, tastes and colours for this unique ceremony.  

    We have been selling Kosher Confetti in Lazio for many years, we are able to make special any kind of ceremony by creating beautiful and elegant candies, colorful and cheerful, to create real and delicious scenery in every possible event. If you are undecided on which confetti to buy for the ceremony you intend to organize (or which you intend to attend) do not hesitate to contact us and rely on our experienced staff: we will guide you to the right choice.

    Contact us now if you want to buy Kosher sugared almonds in Lazio and throughout Italy.

    Specialties covered with milk chocolate, white or dark, candied: cereal, berries cube, licorice, toffee, black cherry, ginger cube, peanut, pistachio, cinnamon. You can also find in this category the Flowers of sugarcoated almonds, Wedding rings woven with fruit jelly and rods of sugar used to pack favors.

  • Small packs Confetti

    Selection of Confetti and Delizie in special packages.

    "Linea Deliziosi confetti d'Italia": these are 150-gram packages in which there are 2 flavours of sugared almonds or specialties whose taste identifies the tradition and flavours of the specific city.