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Ceremonial Confetti: almond and various

ConfettiMatti is a point of reference in the sector of the sale of confetti for ceremonies throughout Lazio and the rest of Italy. ConfettiMatti offers a wide assortment of confectionery, to embellish bags and placeholders of all kinds and for the realization of scenic confectionery completely customized to offer your guests at any kind of ceremony: births, baptisms, communions, confirmations, graduations, weddings, civil unions, gold and silver weddings and any other event.

Confetti for Ceremony from Lazio all over Italy

We specialize in the sale of confetti for ceremonies in Lazio, but we ship throughout Italy. Our products are carefully selected among the best manufacturers in the industry, which allow us to offer sugared almonds that are characterized by quality, taste and originality, creating a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. You can contact us to choose and order the sugared almonds that best suit your tastes and the type of ceremony for which you need them, relying on a wide assortment of flavors and types.

In recent years, thanks to a growing evolution of confectionery that has made the confectionery a real gourmet experience, the colors and flavors of confetti have multiplied: pistachio, strawberry, berries, each with its own particular nuance of color to recall the essence. Our ceremonial sugared almonds are not only good, but they also take advantage of the beauty of the effect, of the scenery, of the magical atmosphere that surrounds the ceremony by setting up corners in the same colours as the ceremony.

For Each Ceremony, your Confetto 

There is a real etiquette of sugarcoated almonds, the ceremonial sugarcoated almonds are not the same: do you have to celebrate a little unborn child? Blue sugared almonds. Are we talking about a degree? Red sugared almonds are the most appreciated, but each faculty has its own precise chromatic variation. Should we celebrate a wedding? Classic white sugared almonds, which become silver and gold for 25 and 50 years old anniversaries.

Contact us if you want more information and if you want to buy confetti for ceremony!

Refined ceremonial creations, the result of the care and passion of master confectioners, dedicated to lovers of the most authentic flavors of tradition. Classic almond confetti of various sizes: white, pink, light blue, orange, red, green. Sicilian almond, almond of Avola.

Just a gesture, a small object or the choice of the most suitable sugarcoated almond. A matter of details and style. In fact, you need attention and care to make your holiday a unique and important day, even for your guests. Together with us and thanks to our experience, everyone will remember with pleasure and over time your invitation. To do this, ConfettiMatti offers you a mix of tradition, innovation and refined novelties, because good taste must keep up with the times. The high quality production of sugared almonds is the hallmark of every celebration: of a wedding, a degree or important stages in the life of your children, such as baptism, communion and confirmation and again in memory of a special anniversary. You can find a rich and selected variety of sugared almonds to satisfy every gluttony, to choose in the desired quantities. ConfettiMatti with the sale ON LINE allows its customers to buy comfortably from home at attractive prices. You can buy, from sugarcoated almonds to accessories for sugarcoated almonds, from materials for packaging to objects to complete the wedding favors. There will also be an Outlet corner where you can buy end-of-series items at unique prices.

Try our sugared almonds: classic almond, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate confectionery... there are well over 100 flavors ..... for all needs, and even the macarons and many other specialties ..... enter our site and ..... you will not regret it!

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